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No longer partnered with a YouTube network? Just got dropped regardless of meeting the new YouTube Partner Programme requirements? The YouTube Network Culling has commenced and YouTube are finally cracking down on networks. These new and harsher restriction could mean the end of YouTube Networks.Multi Channel Networks are now being threatened with suspension and/or license revocation if partnered channels break the Terms of Service. Originally, networks were allowed 1000 channel bans per month, but that limit has now been reduced to only 50 channel every 3 months. YouTube channels that discuss controversial topics are considered ‘too risky’ and are being removed from the network’s partner program.

YouTube Networks are Doomed

A manager for one of the biggest YouTube networks commented:

“The explanation is that YouTube is trying to encourage networks into doing a bit of quality control. However, it seem more like YouTube are just trying to get rid of other Networks. These new restrictions make it impossible for any Network to truly benefit on the platform.”

This could be the next step YouTube is taking to phase out Multi Channel Networks all together. Nevertheless, many consider this to be good news because a lot of bigger YouTubers claim that Multi Channel Networks are nothing more than scams.

The YouTube Network culling has affected hundreds of thousands of accounts. The question remains, is this a good thing? Watch the video to find out!


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