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32 years ago Steven Spielberg went to the UK to personally congratulate Christian Bale on getting the leading role in Empire of the Sun. He also hired Bale’s friend as a stand-in on the spot. The boy was gone for a whole year, when he returned he was never, ever the same again. What did Spielberg do to this little boy?

An Open Letter

Thirty two years ago a young boy, aged 12, auditioned for a role in one of your movies. I’m certain that you remember this boy, Mr. Spielberg.  It may have been the only movie of yours he has starred in but he’s now a-list actor.  He’s played a hero, a psychopath and a magician.  Surely you remember him, because 32 years ago you personally flew to his England home to give him the good news.

That day, in this young actors home, were three boys.  Your talent and two of his friends. You will remember another boy, who did not audition for the role, but was merely there that day playing with his friend.  After breaking the news to your talent, you turned to his friend and asked him to turn around.  He was shorter than your talent, chubbier, and had fair blond hair.  On the spot you decided to hire this young boy, then aged 10, as your talents stand in.

If I’m not mistaken, Mr. Spielberg.  Aren’t stands-ins supposed somewhat resemble their counterparts, at least in height, complexion, build and hair colour. Isn’t it a stand ins duty to help the cinematographer set up lighting, frame and block scenes before the talent arrives?  Wasn’t your talent older, taller, thinner, and dark haired?  Isn’t it true, that regardless of these major differences you still hired this 10 year old boy on the spot? A boy with no previous experience or knowledge of the industry — surely there were more suitable candidates.

For a moment or two, Mr. Spielberg, I thought you might have been just acting in kindness allowing this young fellow to tag along with his friend while giving him the Hollywood treatment.  I mean what kid wouldn’t dream of that? From what I heard, he was very excited to join his actor friend in showbiz.  When he returned he shared no fond memories.  He had no fond memorials.  No stories. Nothing at all.  What happened? He absolutely refused to talk about his year working with you, Mr. Spielberg.?

That’s right, the ten year old boy was away from his family for an entire year.  I do understand that a part of the movie was filmed in Shanghai, but a whole year seems a little excessive, doesn’t Mr. Spielberg?  In what world does the stand-in work harder and longer than the actual talent?  Isn’t it true that it only took a few months to shoot the film?  Why was this 10 year old boy gone for a year?

Every day we learn a little more about the sick, perverted and sadistic side of the entertainment industry.  It’s a problem that is not only plaguing Hollywood, but the world — and with the recent comments from actors claiming that pedophilia is a huge problem in Hollywood, I hope you understand the seriousness of this message.  We need answers.

There are so many unanswered questions, Mr. Spielberg — and suspicious is rising after the news confirming that a child actresses that you discovered was sexually abused and raped from the age of 5 and died from injuries sustained during one of these assaults.  And then there are  all the other child actors who you’ve worked with that either turned to hard drugs at a young age or have refused to ever work in show biz again.

I know his  name and proof that you personally hired him as a stand-in for your film. However, at this point in time I do not feel it is necessary to reveal his name, as I am confident that you and a few of your colleagues know whom I spoke of.  But if nothing is done, then I will disclose this individuals name and allow the community to investigate a little further.

So, Mr. Spielberg, what happened to that little boy?


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