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Twitch Streamer Simone Michelle Scott is currently being investigated by the Santa Cruz Police Department for a comment she made on RajjPatel’s live-stream.  Simone, 23, could be sentenced to 3 years in prison and a 20, 000USD fine if found guilty of animal abuse.

February 28th, Simone Scott made a controversial claim on Patel’s live-stream.  When asked what the worst thing she had ever done was, she answered “killed someone’s dog“. She alleged that the dog’s owner was a sh*tty person and she felt no remorse when using ‘professional‘ means to kill the dog.

Patel’s Reponses.

Despite being continuously pressed by Patel, with a straight face, she insisted that she was telling the truth. Patel, nor his audience, did not believe that Simone was joking.  He eventually kicked Simone off his stream and later took to twitter for his official statement:

It wasn’t until the next day that Simone Scott insisted that Patel and his viewers were all morons for not understanding that she was only trolling; a Twitter comment that backfired badly.

Social silence.

Since then Simone Scott has only posted one Twitlonger comment further trying to excuse her alleged joke.

Hello everyone,

It’s time for me to really say something about what has happened, rather than taking the stubborn position that I have so far of just telling you that I was joking and if you can’t recognize that then it’s on you. Because it’s not on you that my joke was received so poorly. (Poorly being an understatement). If you had the same perspective as me then sure, maybe it would have been clear that I was joking and you wouldn’t be upset. But you don’t. And if I saw things from your perspective instead of my own I probably never would have said what I did.

The joke I made when asked, “What is the worst thing you have ever done?” was stupid. The worst thing I could think to make up, yes. But really, REALLY stupid. At first I was defensive, telling myself that I don’t owe any explanation or apology to anyone just for a joke I made. But something changed my mind on that. Thinking about other animal lovers who have worked, as I have, to protect and care for animals is what changed my mind. Thinking about the fact that they genuinely believe what I joked about to be true is what changed my mind. And knowing that I would be furious and disgusted if I knew someone who actually did that is what compels me to apologize and to make it clear that I have NEVER harmed an animal.

Simone Scott Busted

The bottom line is I said something stupid thinking it would be entertaining and ugh.. it was just so dumb in hindsight. I’m sorry for blowing it off because I DO owe an explanation to those who are concerned, and that includes many of you. I offer this letter to let you know that I do care and I know I messed up. And no more morbid or disturbing jokes or trolling from me..

Simone Scott

3 Years in Prison.

Simone Scott has since made her Facebook profile private and has not made an appearance on any of her public social media accounts.  Her Twitch channel is growing exponentially by the day and has gained over 1300 followers in one week. A source close to Simone told us that she is currently not posting online because she is being investigated for animal abuse by the Santa Cruz Police Department.  If found guilty she faces up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 20, 000USD.


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