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The word on the street is that Hollywood is in turmoil.  Like a poisoned apple that is rotten at its core, Hollywood is slowly crumbling from the inside. Hollywood’s grandest conspiracy is one involving drugs, sex, politics, and even witchcraft.  Why is the town where dreams are supposed to come true just one big nightmare?

Hidden History

To understand Hollywood we first need to learn the history of one of the most corrupt states in all of the United States; California.  You see, California wasn’t always apart of the United States.  It was a part of Mexico — that was until January 1847. Tension between Mexico and the United States were rising after the annexation of Texas. Several attempts were made by Mexico to form a peace treaty, but all terms were rejected.  Mexico wasn’t ready to go to war again after just winning its independence from Spain, so they did what they could to avoid it.  However, they send guards to their borders.  The United States needed a reason to attack, and fortunately for them a bunch of masked bandits fired at the U.S. troops.  Despite Mexico claiming that these were not their men, and they would have nothing to benefit from attacking the United States, president James K. Polk declared war.

After the annexation, California became a military state; an authoritarian republican state military state to be precise. More interestingly, the military was funded by the central bank and would often blatantly ignore government orders.

Gold Rush

The reason for the annexation later seemed suspicious because, only soon after, massive gold deposits were discovered along the coast of California.  Military presence started making a little more sense now — but they couldn’t keep it a secret for long. The word spread and scores of thousands of people literally rushed to the gold; hence the gold rush.  This is when bankers started seeing a problem with slavery.

The Civil War

Originally California was a slave state but after a heated debate turned into a free state. The elitist democrats were not at all interested freeing the slaves from the kindness of their hearts, they were merely attempting to disarm wealthy republicans.  Slave ownership presented a huge risk to the bankers; it meant exponential growth in wealth during the gold rush which could ultimately lead to competition. And grew they did, republican slave owners became filthy rich… and this is why the American Civil war started.

The illuminatiThe bankers knew they could take the moral high-ground on slave-owning republicans.  Of course they could.  Slavery is inarguably a terrible thing, but despite it not inherently being a republican virtue, all republicans were believed to be supporting slave ownership. It was largely ignored that Abraham Lincoln, himself, was a republican who, I might add, was strongly against the Mexican-American war.  Not all men who fought on the confederate side supported slave ownership.  As a matter of fact,  although slave-ownership was one of the main focuses of their fight; to the confederates it was also fight against corrupt banks and an attempt to defend their state’s right to vote on their own laws.

The confederates lost, slavery was abolished… and a large amount of confederate gold just went missing.  A lot of gold; we’re talking legendary pirate treasure kind of gold.  What happened to it?  Did the remaining confederates burry it somewhere or was it simply seized by the bank controlled opposition?

After the civil war tariffs were incredibly high which meant it was almost pointless in trading with other sovereign states. The value of gold had severally dropped so those who had salvaged anything after the war would remain broke.

Save Haven for Corrupt Bankers

We know have a state that, regardless of being apart of it, doesn’t serve the union.  The seeds of corruption had been planted and slowly, but surely, the state would become a safe haven for corrupt bankers, sadistic perverts and even Satanists.  Banning crosses and bibles from public schools, removing any mention of God from the court rooms.  This is what modern society calls progressive — but a lot of others just consider it perverse.  Not because they are removing religion from government, but they are not replacing the system of virtues and morals that the Bible enforces on any of these institutes.  The line between right and wrong are being blurred across all their faculties.

California is where money talks.  You are free to your perversions as long as you can afford them.  That’s why a lot of people went there; to escape what they considered a strict and fascist government.

Garfield Gold StandardIn 1881 president James A. Garfield, a republican who apposed the Mexican-American war and fought against the confederates in the civil war was attempting to return America to its populace. He was going cut tariffs, create free trade and return to the gold standard; this pissed off all the bankers, and only a few months later he was assassinated. Meanwhile, in Topeka, Kansas, a wealthy crippled cobbler, politician, hypocrite and  god father of micro-aggressions, Harvey Henderson Wilcox  was cheating on his sick wife with an underage pagan girl called Daeida Hartell who was at least 30 years younger than he was. Wilcox sent his sick wife away to be treated, but she returned in 1982 and died only a few days later. Almost immediately, Harvey married his teenage pagan mistress and fled to Los Angeles, California, presumably to avoid judgement from his family and friends. There he purchased a large plot of land and became a realtor.

In 1886 Harvey and Daeida went on a trip with their 18 month old son, Harry, to the canyons of West Los Angeles.  This is where there son died.  Harvey and Daeida would make trips to that same spot. It was family tradition; a mourning  ritual of sorts. Eventually Harvey purchased the land, subdivided it and sold each plot of land for $1000USD.  Harvey’s pagan wife, Daeda, was the one who named the tract, “Hollywood.”

Here’s a quick fun fact for you.  Pagans love the wood of the holly tree.  Its true origins go back to Nordic times and Pagan rituals.

“The  druids were tree worshippers, especially the oak. The holly was their most sacred symbol because it was sacred to mother Holle or Hel, the [Norse] goddess of the underworld. Thus we have Holle, or Holly-wood (Hel-wood, the “place of magic”)”


In ritual uses, Holly is associated with the death and rebirth symbolism of winter. Holly also symbolizes holiness, consecration, material gain, physical revenge, beauty, and immortality, as well as peace, goodwill and health. It can be used ritually to aid and help with a person’s ability to cope with death, and to ease their sleep with peaceful dreams.

Material gain, physical revenge, beauty and immortality?  Doesn’t that just some up modern day Hollywood; the place where beautiful stars are born and are forever immortalized on the silver screen.  Is it just a pure coincidence that the entire film industry would later move to Hollywood?

American Inventor

It was H.J Whitley, wealthy banker and land developer, who made Hollywood into what it is today.  He picked up what Harvey put down and made plans with him to market the estate to those in showbiz.  He erected the Hollywood sign, which then read Hollywoodland, and built the Hollywood hotel. Among the first few guests of the Hotel were Louis B. Mayer, H.M. Warner and Irving Thalberg; top executives and owners of MGM, Warner Brothers and Universal Studios.

Thomas Edison, fascist?

H.J. Whitley understood the film industry debacle; at the time, great American inventor, Thomas Edison, was the patent owner of the video camera.  Corrupt Hollywood producers would bail on paying loyalties to Edison which would then result in lawsuits or arrests. They considered Thomas Edison a fascist and film studios started moving to the west — but H.J. Whitley had a much more inviting offer for them.

Californian courts were already on the side of the wealthy. The cost of paying bribing the judges was less than paying the loyalties. As long as you could afford it, you could get away with what ever you wanted.  This lead to a much more appetizing deal; the Mexican border was basically in their backyard. They could flee to Mexico if the situation would ever arise.  And last but not least, H.J. Whitley new one of the biggest vices of the entertainment industry; drugs.

Moving to Hollywood, California, was the best option for wealthy film producers.  They were protected by the state government, could escape at any time, and lived right next door to the biggest drug and human trafficking channels of all time. Oh, yeah, and amazing weather.

The New Babylon

California became the modern day Babylon.  Everywhere you looked there was corruption, and right in the heart of it all was Hollywood.

In every film studio drugs like cocaine would be sold like candy to the talents. Children as young as five would be forced to drugs with their producers as a “bonding and network” exercise.  Hollywood was sick, and A-list actor who had been in the thick of it didn’t want the disease to spread, and his name was Ronald Reagan.

Ronald Reagan, in many ways, was Hollywood’s first whistle-blower. Witnessing only some of the corruption and abuse in Hollywood turned him into a strict conservative republican. He said drugs were used to blackmail actors into being compliant when spreading propaganda on  the silver screen. He saod that the Hollywood and the film industry was run by international elitist communists he were undermining the American way.

Perhaps there is some truth to this.  After all, elitist bankers are very supportive of the communist movement, that and the founder of Warner Brother’s real name is Hirsz Mojżesz Wonsal; he’s a Jewish Pole who supported the communist conversion of Russia.

For this, people called for his head until eventually someone actually tried to assassinate him.  Fortunately, he survived.

He wanted to put an end to human and drug trafficking by building a wall on the Mexican border. He wanted to maintain a free democracy and give America back to the American people. He wanted to ‘Make America Great Again’.

Remind you of another American president who know despises California?  Someone who also has had plenty of experience in Hollywood?

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul. I know, because I turned down the first offer often enough and held out for the fifty cents.”
― Marilyn Monroe


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  • Reagan was in deep shit himself. Whistleblowing doessnt turn him into a hero or angel. Read Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien among others.

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