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The government, Adult Protective Services, are drugging and robbing the elderly of their homes and heritage.  Doesn’t matter if they are of sound mind and body, if the state thinks they can’t take care of themselves, they will lose it all. As the saying goes; abduct, sedate then steal their estate.

Imagine this. You have just turned 60. You don’t have a lot, neither do your children, but they do love you. You are getting by and your family helps provide for you when they can. Heck, you might even be living with them. One day, you go out for a walk, some social worker looks at you and says “shit, you are old.” Goes back to their office, does some paper work, shows up at your home and says that you are know in the care of the state and they are your assigned caretaker.

You are all like, “WTF”. I’m an independent person. I’m only 60, I can take care of myself, and when I need help I’ve always got my family but they are all like “nah. Pack your shit, you are coming with me.”

This is a real thing! It’s called Adult Protective services.

Adult Protective Services (APS) are social services provided to abused, neglected, or exploited older adults and adults with significant disabilities. APS is typically administered by local or state health, aging, or regulatory departments and includes a multidisciplinary approach to helping older adults, and younger adults with disabilities, who are victims. Services range from the initial investigation of mistreatment, to health and supportive services and legal interventions, up to and including the appointment of surrogate decision-makers such as legal guardians.

While some states provide adult protective services to older adults only, as in Ohio where the APS law applies to those 60 and older,[citation needed] most serve adults with disabilities over the age of 18 who meet the state’s definition of “vulnerable.” Disabilities may be due to aging, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities, mental illness or cognitive impairments.

Forms of abuse include physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse as well as financial exploitation. “Neglect” can be perpetrated by any caregiver who has accepted the responsibility of assisting an older person or an adult with disabilities.

Most states include self-neglect in their definitions of those needing adult protective services. Self-neglect refers to a person who is unable to care for himself or herself due to physical or cognitive impairments.

At first glance you must think, “wow! The government really cares for its people. Looking after the elderly and stuff… this is amazing!” — but if my Child Protective Services has taught you anything than you’d know that this is not at all about keeping the elderly safe, but just making the government more money.

APS ruins old family's lifeThe C.P.S. turn massive profits each year. They earn up to 8,500 dollars a year per child they have in custody, and then they get pay outs from services like Planned Parenthood and others for pumping kids full with drugs. The Protective Service is a multibillion dollar business that is infallible — they are intouchable because of their business relationship with the government. Heck, it was the Democratic government who passed the bill that allowed agencies to grossly profit of the abduction and drugging of children. Senator Nancy Schaefer died trying to expose this and I tried my best to dig up all the hard evidence she found and showcased in in my documentary…


So, now that we know that the government do not actually give a damn about your children’s well-being, would it be crazy to assume they don’t care about the elderly. Am I wrong to assume that the children and grandchildren of this individual care more about their well-being but the state?

Well, let’s take a look at the great work the APS do.

The government held this woman hostage at the hospital until she accepted a personal guardian that would cost her $1500 a week, even though she couldn’t afford it they assigned one to her and she showed up uninvited to her home the very next day. This caregiver was controlling, and physically abusive. And didn’t actually take care of her.

Ultimately, the caregivers uneducated and subjective opinion decided how this old lady would live the rest of her life.

After calling the cops, charging the caregiver for physical abuse and trying to get her freedom back the Adult Protective Services just sent her back to the hospital which she was kept prisoner at, and just like they do with innocent little children, they drugged her against her will, not at all concerned for her health or safety. She wasn’t even allowed to call her family doctor to ask if she was allowed to take these drugs. The drugs could have given her a fatal reaction, but they did not care.

Eventually she was sent to a shelter where she resides now, still paying the A.P.S., and treated like a prisoner.

This isn’t an isolated case. This happens a lot, and even to normal families. The elderly are abducted from their home, forced into hospitals and pumped full of drugs. The government becomes their legal guardian and the caregivers get to dictate their every move and can refuse visitation from actual family members.

Often, they will drug the elderly to the point where they are unresponsive and use the effects of the drugs as a reason to prove that this individual cannot look after him or herself.

It gets even worse. Once the government decides to take legal guardianship of you all your assets are surrendered. Your car, house, property, earnings, anything of value becomes property of the government.

Gisela Riordan was abducted by her government, forced into hospital and appointed what they call a “public guardian” to aid her. Her public guardian would barely allow visits from her loving family and, on the occasion that her son got to visit, he would make sure that she was drugged and incoherent… but sometimes despite the plethora of pills she was forced to digest, she would still muster up the strength to cry for help.

California Corruption.

I know the idea of having the government look after us sounds amazing in theory and that is why there are so many misguided people who are actually fighting for communism — but the truth is it will never be like they imagine, a communist future is not a utopian one but rather dystopian. It’s kind of scary when you can draw similarities between today’s society and the movie Logan’s Run. There will always be those on top, and there will always be the government will turn people into numbers and statistics and treat them as such — and we can already see that happening in what people consider to be the most progressive cities and counties in the world. This two cases I showed you happened in Santa Clara, California.

Thousands of people have tried to fight the corruption in Santa Carla to no avail. The public servants, caseworkers, Protective Service Agencies, Law Enforcements, Courts, Judges and Lawyers are all on the same team. You cannot fight the system there. Court transcripts go missing, documents are forged, and people get wrongfully imprisoned just for standing up for themselves.

Sad cute old couple

In a world where people don’t fear the consequences of their actions, money is God… and it is money that turns these men into monsters. If the government benefits, than government workers benefits. These people are willing to ruin families, lie, steal, cheat, and even kill just to get a bigger pay cheque.

Do we really need the government to babysit us? Is it worth surrendering our rights or even lives to? We should be able to rely on the kindness of others to help us get by in life. If we all were selfless and tried to help others in need there would be no need for government intervention.

Essentially, what we are doing right now is giving powerful and corrupt politicians our money and trusting them unconditionally to do the right thing and help others, and ourselves, in times of need. Why not just do it ourselves? Why rely on a government that has proven to be corrupt to do the right thing? Why do we want them “guarding” us when we can do that ourselves? Give to charities, respect your elders, show kindness and support to our children…why can’t we just be good people?


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