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When I first wrote the open letter to Steven Spielberg, I didn’t want to name the possible victim on the count of being asked not to, and I also wanted to create a chance for people to investigate and probe this case themselves.  I’m very impressed as a lot of you have figured out who the young boy was.  I believe it is time to for me to disclose his name.  At first I was unsure whether or not Spielberg was guilty in all of this, but as more people contacted me with stories of their experiences with Spielberg, I am almost certain that he is at least an accomplice.

Steven Spielberg is not a saint; he was a violent bully on the set of his films.  This didn’t change until a business colleague pointed out that his behaviour was harming the image his company.  Sure, Spielberg changed, but it wasn’t because he saw the error of his ways, it was because he was is career was on the line.

This American Dad clip shows Roger the alien playing the character of Steven Spielberg; it shows Spielberg’s mean side.  It also reveals something else, a little known secret among the Hollywood elite; Spielberg’s attraction to little boys.

Steven Spielberg &  David Geffen

Spielberg and Michael Jackson used to be best friends.  Jackson was set to play Peter Pan in Spielberg’s Hook.  Something happened.  Fingers were pointed at Jackson and his career was ruined over unproven allegation that he molested little boys.  Moreover, Jackson was so hurt by this that he went to extreme lengths to get back at Spielberg.  He spent millions of dollars trying to put a black-magic voodoo curse on Spielberg, and his friend David Geffen.

Geffen BirthdayDavid Geffen has recently been linked to child abuse.  This link is through a studio he funded and produced called DEN or Digital Entertainment Network.  This studio was used as a front to lure young boys who wanted to be stars into parties where they would be drugged and raped.  Producers would pay large sums of money to attend these parties and sit naked in hot tubs with drugged underage boys.

Two key members of DEN, Marc Collins-Rector and Brian Singer, have been accused of drugging and raping young boys.  Marc Collins-Rector fled to Spain where he was arrested by Interpol and charged with 9 counts of child sexual abuse.  He was released after 18 months and now lives comfortably in London.  Brian Singer is now under a lot of heat and is in an ongoing lawsuit defending allegations of child sexual abuse.  He has since been fired as the director of the Wonder Woman sequel.

David Geffen is untouchable and still highly respected in Hollywood.  He’s often spotted partying on his yacht with Hollywood a-list actors like Tom Hanks.  Rumour has it that he has spent millions on deflecting investigations and bribing officials to into chasing false leads.

Corey Feldman claims that he went to the FBI with the names of real powerful Hollywood pedophiles and they were never investigated; instead Michael Jackson was.  Perhaps that is why Jackson hated Geffen and Spielberg.  They used him as their fall man.

Before I continue, I want to make one thing perfectly clear. Corey Feldman is a part of the problem.  I do not for a second doubt that he was raped by Hollywood fatcats, but I believe his motives for speaking out are selfish in nature.  If he wanted to put an end to child abuse he wouldn’t be conning people for thousands of dollars trying to make his own Hollywood movie.  He wouldn’t insult, abuse and steal from people who he claims to have considered family. If he really cared he wouldn’t put a price tag on the truth.  He would just told us their names and exactly what happened.

Sure, Feldman has named a few, but none of the people he has named have been these well known, well loved Hollywood veterans he has calledout in his interviews.  He also originally said that this was a huge problem, a pandemic, yet he’s only named a few people, like Alphy Hoffman.  Are you fucking kidding me?  He’s a nobody!

Young Bale

Feldman just wanted to remind those big directors and producers what he gave up for them so many years ago.  Oh, he will never name the people who actually count because he doesn’t want to burn his bridges.  When asked if Spielberg was among the guilty he went into extreme defence mode and insulted the person for even asking.  Like a panicking child desperately trying to defend his guilty friend.  But perhaps it worked for him, wasn’t there a Goonies sequel announced shortly after Feldman’s public tantrums ?

Feldman doesn’t give a shit.  He’s apart of the problem.  While he refuses to name names other innocent children in Hollywood are being abused by Pedowood directors, producers and actors.

Time to expose!

So now we are here.  I have a name that, if thoroughly investigated, may blow the lid of this whole damned thing.  If you haven’t already,  I suggest you read my open letter to Steven Spielberg; it explains why this name is important.  I’ve made attempts at contacting him and his family.  I don’t think they are interested in speaking out.  But I do think his younger brother knows what happened.  He changed his cover picture to a picture of Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.  Pure coincidence or is that his way of letting us know that this is real. Shortly after this kid returned from working for Steven Spielberg his entire family moved  from England to a town close to Hollywood, California.  Were they paid for their silence?

Well.  I’m sick of keeping my mouth shut. I don’t want to be part of the problem.  These people have to realise that it is not only about their suffering and by not speaking out about this, that they are being compliant in the abuse of children in Hollywood.

I beg you.  Tell us what happened to you when you were working as a stand-in for Christian Bale on Empire of the Sun.  Why did he spontaneously employ you at the age of 10 to be his stand-in.  You looked nothing like him; not hair colour, body build, height or even complexion.  Why were you gone for an entire year? And last but not least, why were you so depressed about your experience and why have you never talked about it again?

Please answer these questions, Shane Fry.

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  • U are so rite about Feldman. It all goes down to one simple thing: the guy simply fears for his life and I understand that. U can be sure Spielberg’s name is on his list. BTW, check this out about Jesse Eisenberg, coz Im sure theres more to it than they want us to know (as usual):

    “He started writing screenplays at 16, some of which were optioned by major studios, but he claimed that he was dissatisfied with the lack of control he had over his creations once they were sold. Eisenberg got into trouble with Woody Allen’s lawyers; as a teenager he penned a play about how Allen came to change his name and managed to get the script to Allen’s “people”. Instead of a seal of approval, he received two “cease and desist” letters. Eisenberg went on to star in two films directed by Allen, To Rome with Love and Café Society.”

    So let me get it straight: he upset paedo Allen and then he managed to be cast in 2 of the latter’s movies? No way….

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