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Simone Scott, a Twitch streamer who goes by the username of Aqualadora, admitted to murdering someone’s dog live on Twitch TV with RajjPatel. The authorities are currently investigating her claims and despite the public outcry Simone has not been banned from Twitch and continues to get more subscribers each day.

A 22 year old California based Twitch streamer admitted to murdering a dog during a live-stream session with popular stream RajjPatel. When asked,”what’s the worst thing you’ve done“, Simon Scott told a story about how she ‘professionally’ euthanized a dog because she didn’t like the owner.

“Shitty person. Shitty dog.”

RajjPatel asked Simone Scott why she would do such a thing and whether she regrets it. She simply shrugged and stated “Shitty person. Shitty dog”.

The aftermath of Simone Scott’s confession has since lead to her posting twice on social media:

Her defence was that it was the viewers fault for falling for her troll. After harsh criticism of her twitter post she finally responded with an apology.

Down but not out.

The Santa Cruz Country authorities are currently investigating her claims of animal abuse. If found guilty she can face punishment of up to 6 years imprisonment and a $20,000 fine. This could be why Simone Scott has not made an appearance on Twitch since her controversial comments on murdering a dog — however, regardless of the outcry from Twitch community and a petition that has over 1, 000 signatures asking Twitch to ban her account, her account is still active.

Against animal cruelty?  Consider signing the petition.  To see footage of Simone’s live-stream watch the video above!


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