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It’s no secret that YouTube can take people from geekdom to glory. Ever since YouTubers started to reveal their actual earnings many thousands of people have hopped on the bandwagon to clickbait their way to fame and fortune. Now people are going to extremes and breaking laws to get views and money while IRL streaming.

Vexxed showed that he earned $6, 000 in one month on YouTube then followed it up by showing that the video he made about his earnings made him $10, 000 in less than a week. Easy money, right? That video took him all of 3 minutes to make and he made about 4 times more than the average American makes in one month.
Of course this appealing… and many, many people are trying to get their share of YouTube gold. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, but mostly. People are dropping out of school and quitting their jobs just to make it on YouTube. They don’t realise that it takes time and effort to make it anywhere and to truly earn YouTube success, and since we already know that these kind of people are lazy, not willing to put hard work and just want that instant reward, they will look for the quickest and easiest way to make a buck.

What’s the best way to do this? IRL streaming.

IRL streaming was originally made for people to be able to relax and interact with their viewers without needing to play games – but it eventually evolved into public streaming which then was made popular by a streamer known as Ice Poseidon.

Hampton Brandon Banned

Ice Poseidon inspired a lot of live-streamers to switch from gaming streams to IRL, even some of the more popular ones. However, like I mentioned earlier, it also inspired those who are very desperate for attention and money as well; and this is a bad thing. The YouTuber’s and Twitch streamers who switched to IRL streaming already had a following. Their fans followed them over to their new preferred style of streaming.

They have a reputation to uphold… as for the other newcomers, the newcomers are nobodies who are desperate for money and will do anything for attention. These are the people who spent every waking minute of their day just watching twitch fail compilations thinking, “I could do something even crazier.” And these are the guys who will ruin IRL for the rest of the dedicated IRL streaming community.

As crazy as it sounds, the desperate side of IRL streaming has become a lot like the plot from Nerve. Streamers are pushing themselves to extremes to achieve fame and fortune, putting the safety of themselves and others into jeopardy and sometimes even risking lives.
I believe that just by making this video I am giving them what they want, so I am not going to mention their names or their channels.

The Danger

This guy is a perfect exmaple of exactly how messed up the IRL community is. He’s collabed with the biggest IRL streamers and has earned a huge following from the crazy stuff he does during his live-streams.

He sexually harasses women, damaging private property, starting fights for no reason, trespassing, stealing, and he does this while begging for donation from his viewers. He knows that the only reason he gets money and views is the shock factor to his content so every day he goes just a little but further to surprise people. He insulted then assaulted a homeless man and then admitted to lying to the local cops about it. He started a fight with an armed man which didn’t end well. He ran into the middle of traffic thinking that the guy might shoot him and got hit by a car. This nearly cost him his life, but he is proud of the live-stream because he considers it quality content.

Not only did put his own life in danger but he could have caused a massive accident and injured many… and what about the poor man who hit him? Imagine the terror he felt thinking he might have just killed someone. Who cares right? That live-stream had tens of thousands of viewers and made him a whole lot of money.

These are the kind of people the IRL scene is attracting. Dangerous, selfish invdividuals who don’t care who they offend or hurt and it becomes worse the more popular they become.

This kid would not be nearly as famous or wealthy today if it wasn’t for the free promotion he got from Ice Poseidon and Andy Milanokis. Is he thankful? No. He makes both of them look like jackassses by walking all over them, doing whatever he likes and not giving a shit.

Here’s a video of the kid being a complete dick to Andy.

And here is a video of body shaming Ice Poseidon and comparing him to an Auschwitz escapee.

I assume that Ice Poseidon and Andy do not condone his actions, but they continue to associate with him and don’t really speak out against them – Andy has made an attempt, and actually donated money to try and stop him from committing a crime — but despite everything, he ignores him and does it anyway.

Ice and Andy are the two most popular IRL streamers and are putting the rest of the IRL community at risk by continuing to associate with this kid.

Drugs, sex, violence.

This brings me to the next IRL streamer who is more of a danger to himself than he is to anyone else – but his behavior and antics should definitely be promoted by YouTube.

Before I talk about him, I would like to clarify that I tried to reach out to him. I gave him an opportunity to talk to me because I wass genuinely concerned about his mental health.

Again, we have an IRL streamer who quit his job, sold everything he had to try make it big on YouTube. He tried to wiggle his way into to Ice Poseidon’s IRL group but has mostly failed. He began as a stream sniper or bonehead if your prefer who would perform outrageous and sometimes disgusting actions to get attention.

He is considered to be offensive, annoying and disgusting. Streams people without their consent, invades other peoples private conversations and mostly just makes it really awkward for everyone around him. Although he is not as bad as the first guy, he constantly puts himself in situations that can cause harm.

Funnily enough this is the guy who the Ice Poseidon crew do not want to associate with – but he is desperate to fit in. He will do anything that the others ask for him. He has no dignity and will do the most dispicable things for a dollar donation.

BurgerPlanet Arrested

This man has no job, allegedly lives in his van, and gets his mother to pay his phone bill. We seen this 36 year old man cry like a baby over the most petty things like a haircut.

After watching a few of his live-streams I grew concerned and really wanted to help this guy out with what clearly was severe depression. This man has no future. He went all in on having a career in comedy which failed terribly… and now he is trying to cash in on the popularity of the IRL scene by exploiting it.

This guy is so desperate that he even live-streamed himself eating rotten food from a public trash can, he even stole pizza from a sleeping homeless man. He invaded the privacy of a famous gaming Twitch streamer by trying to sneak stream him and clickbait it.

He would stop at nothing for views and money. This was no act, and I was genuinely concerned, and when I reached out to him to speak to him he basically just bragged about how wonderful his life is and how he can afford to go on a trip around America with the money he’s earning from YouTube.

Stealing food from the homeless.

BurgerPlanet BannedI know that this wasn’t an act. He has issues…and the only thing he is banking on his a career on YouTube – and if that fails he will have nothing left. I honestly fear for his life and I believe people should stop enabling him by donating to him. It’s not too late for him to turn his life around, but he needs to get off YouTube and get professional help for his severe depression.

Although I want him to be happy and healthy I cannot respect a man who clearly can afford to travel to steal food from a homeless man…. but this is what is becoming of the IRL community.

These are just two examples of the darkside of IRL streaming…and although this does not represent the community as a whole, the fact that all the big streamers welcome this kind of behavior in the community proves that IRL streaming is going to be exploited and ruined by newcomers.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against IRL streaming. I have on occassion IRL streamed with my girlfriend in public. I just believe that if the big influencial members of this community do not act immediately this might be ruined for everyone.

One of these streamers has the potential of getting someone killed… the other might kill himself. Stop them before its too late.


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