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Kavos’ harsh criticism of Logan Paul and his Japanese vlog forced YouTube to cancel his YouTube Red show. Likewise, I put Kavos under the same microscope to see if he’s guilty of the same crime. The result? Kavos is a massive hypocrite and potentially just ended his career over Logan Paul.We are all hypocrites, but at least some of us can admit it. However this kid, is about as bad as they come.

Have we forgotten what ruined YouTube in the first place? It was blatant sensationalism by the mainstream media to make YouTube, and its creators, look bad.

PewDiePie is a Nazi and YouTube funds terrorism.

The Wall Street Journal first criticised PewDiePie on a joke he made on one of his videos. They took the joke out of context and publically called him out for being anti-sematic. But when these articles were published, anybody with half a brain assumed that nothing would come out of this. The articles were a massive joke and a great example of bad journalism. At first, nothing happened. But then other ill-informed mainstream websites believed this nonsense and hopped on the wagon. Eventually there was enough mainstream hysteria about this that misinformed brands abandoned YouTube. This caused the said division of Google to lose billions. YouTube creators were devastated, and not only financially. It created a form of censorship that changed YouTube for the worse.

What made YouTube so amazing in the first place was the fact that people were able to discuss things that weren’t mainstream. People could express their opinions on certain topics without fear of being shut-down or silenced by bigger networks. This kind of freedom does not exist on YouTube anymore and a lot of people have been affected by this change.

We criticised the Wall Street Journal and fought hard to restore YouTube to its former glory, but it was too little, too late. YouTube will never be the same again.

And now, with this whole Logan Paul nonsense.. But this time, it is not the mainstream media, it is the YouTube community.

Kavos’ video has done more damage and traumatized more people than Logan Paul.

He has criticised Logan Paul’s action while exaggerating and sensationalizing the facts. He does this all while being guilty of doing everything he so harshly judged Logan for.

While Logan has admitted for his lapse in judgement and has attempted to apologise to his viewers, Kavos continues to flog, the proverbial, dead horse and,, is massively benefiting from this tragedy. Logan Paul is taking a break, not only from YouTube, but from his professional life to reflect on his mistakes and is waiting on further punishment from YouTube.

Because of the hysteria this kind of sensationalism has created, YouTube content creators will have to suffer. YouTube have announced that they are considering a harsher punishment for Logan Paul. Implementing a new censorship system that will prevent these kind of videos from ever circulating again.

We don’t need the Wall Street Journal to screw us over, we’ve got idiot YouTubers like Kavos and this toxic community to do that for us. Watch the video to find out more.


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