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Baby eating, blood drinking, satanic ritual sacrifice and black magic. Sounds like something straight from a fictional horror story, right?  Well, science is proving some of these evil rituals to actually be real. Drinking baby blood and eating their bone marrow will rejuvenate old minds, bodies and even cure cancer.  Have the elite been kidnapping youth for their blood? Is immortality attainable?

Dark rituals that involve drinking baby blood, eating flesh, and sacrificing children have been practiced by Mayans, Aztecs and even Egyptians. Even today these rituals are believed to practiced by some secret societies.

Drinking Baby Blood

The Guardian Australia writes: Saul Villeda, an ebullient PhD student with slick black hair and a goatee, had spent the past year engrossed in research that called to mind the speculative medical science of the middle ages. He was investigating whether the old and frail could be rejuvenated by infusions of blood from the young. The hypothesis was not as absurd as it might sound.

Villeda got three hours’ sleep that night. The next morning, he stood up at the lab meeting and revealed to his colleagues what young blood did to the ageing brain. “There was a palpable electricity in the room,” Wyss-Coray recalled. “I remember seeing the images for the first time and saying, ‘Wow.’” Old mice that received young blood experienced a burst of brain cell growth in the hippocampus. They had three to four times as many newborn neurons as their counterparts. But that was not all: old blood had the opposite effect on the brains of young mice, stalling the birth of new neurons and leaving them looking old before their time.

And according to the BBC this experiment, or rather ritual, is being performed on humans.

Jesse Karmazin, 32, a Stanford-trained scientist who founded the US clinic, told The Sunday Times that the initial results from his patients had been encouraging.

“It could help improve things such as appearance or diabetes or heart function or memory. These are all the aspects of ageing that have a common cause.

“I’m not really in the camp of saying this will provide immortality but I think it comes pretty close, essentially.”


In addition, another mythical trait of drinking baby blood is superhuman strength. Does drinking the blood of the young grant people superhuman strength? Not in the practical sense, but Nobel prize nominee Robert David Steele, an internationally acclaimed intelligence professional with 30 years experience as a clandestine and covert operations officer, claims that adrenalized blood does have advanced healing powers. Subsequently he claims that the world elite have been abducting and drinking the blood of the young for many centuries and are still doing it today.

Perhaps there is no method to this madness.  Maybe this is all just madness. It is certain that science is proving something always believed to be a fairy-tale myth and people have died trying to expose the people who believe in the Science of Satanism. Watch the video for more!

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