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There are only a few names that can profoundly effect us when we here them, and one of those names is Robin Williams. It is a name that brings overwhelming joy and nostalgia to many generations of people. From Genie in Disney’s Aladdin to Peter Pan in Spielberg’s Hook, Williams proved he was a man of many characters — but was he perhaps escaping his own identity because of a dark secret that, eventually, cost him his life?

Robin Williams was a bit of a party animal back in his heyday. He was great friends with some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Hollywood and would often attend their parties. This is where he developed an addiction to cocaine; a drug that is commonly known for increasing one’s sex drive. Many people claim to feel like ‘sex gods’ when on the drug. In addition, cocaine is proven to blur and sometimes even distort the line between right and wrong.

Cocaine and sex.

Samantha Fede and Dr. Kent Kiehl from the University of New Mexico and the nonprofit Mind Research Network tested the ability of minimum to medium security prisoners with a record of cocaine or methamphetamine addiction to discern complex moral decisions. Under voluntary participation, a total of 211 inmates, 131 of them cocaine or meth users, had their brains scanned while asked a series of moral questions.

Those with a history of cocaine or meth use had difficulty recognizing emotions in others, particularly fear and empathy. The brain scans also showed a decline in their neural activity in the frontal lobes and limbic regions of the brain, as well as in the amygdala, all of which are associated with how people experience emotion.

“This is the first study to suggest impairments in the neural systems of moral processing in both cocaine and methamphetamine users,” cited Fede. “Although further research into the connectivity of systems in stimulant use is needed, this provides promising initial understanding of fronto-limbic deficits in stimulant users.”

It is now public knowledge that a lot of these Hollywood producer parties are filled with extremely young talents. And drugs and alcohol are offered to children as young as 5 years old.  As we’ve seen with Drew Barrymore, she went to rehab for cocaine and alcohol addiction at the young age of 9.

In an interview with The Guardian, Robin Williams admitted to having done disgusting and shameful things in his past.

“You know, I was shameful, and you do stuff that causes disgust, and that’s hard to recover from. You can say, ‘I forgive you’ and all that stuff, but it’s not the same as recovering from it. It’s not coming back.”

A confession of sorts.

Furthermore, in this interview they discuss one of Robin Williams’ last movies; World’s Greatest Dad.

World’s Greatest Dad has a very coincidental plot.  Robin Williams’ plays a school teacher who aspires to be a famous author.  He has a 15 year old son who is addicted to taboo porn.  One day Robin Williams returns home to find his son dead. Cause of death; autoerotic asphyxiation.  Williams’ son had been pleasuring himself to some disturbing porn and accidentally hung himself while climaxing.  To hide his son’s shameful truth, Williams stages his death as a suicide. He writes a suicide note on his son’s computer and hangs his body in the closet. A classmate later obtains the suicide note from police records and publishes it in the school newspaper. The note strikes a chord with the students and faculty, and suddenly many students claim to have been friends with Williams’ son and are touched by how deep and intelligent he shows himself to be in his writings.

In the end Williams starts to feel guilty for exploiting his son’s death for his own benefit. While giving a speech, Williams decides he can no longer continue the charade and confesses to everyone that his son’s death was accidental, and that he wrote the suicide note and journal. Despite now being despised by everyone, Williams’ nevertheless feels reborn and dives naked into the school’s swimming pool. Soon after, his son’s best friend, Andrew, tells him that he knew the truth all along, and that he enjoyed Williams’ writing. The film ends with the two of them on the sofa watching a movie together.

Andrew was played by young actor Evan Martin. He has not really continued to pursue a career in acting after this film.

It’s strange when you think of it. Robin Williams played a guy who covers up his son’s death because he didn’t want to school to know what kind of things he was into and had been doing. Is it possible that, perhaps, Williams was interested in this low budget movie because he could relate to the script? Is this movie a sort of confession of Williams’ taboo sexual identity?

Robin Williams is known for his roles in a lot children films.  Patch Adams, Hook, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jack, Blubber, Robots, Happy Feet and Father’s Day.

In Good Will Hunting Williams plays a psychiatrist who takes a personally interest in counselling a teenage boy.  Both the kid and Williams had something in common, they were abused as little boys.

Robin Williams’ Dark Secret

In One Hour Photo Robin Williams’ plays a man that has a strange fascination with his neighbours, especially their little boy.  In this movie Williams looks exactly like the Hollywood stereotype of a pedophile; white, pale and pasty with thinning hair and wide round thick glassed spectacles.

Why do all movie pedophiles look the same?  Why are they pushing that one image on us?  Is it perhaps that they don’t want us to know what real pedophiles look like?  Wealthy and well dressed Hollywood executives?

There’s no doubt that through the majority of his life Williams was surrounded by kids, and there is no doubt in my mind that Williams attended cocaine and alcohol fuelled parties with some of his younger co-stars.

Robin Williams’ link to the Hollywood pedophile ring has been widely speculated before.  Hollywood insider, Jon Robberson claims that Williams’ was blackmailed into making Patch Adams; a movie which The Koala satirically described to be about :

A clown-disguised pedophile, who sexually assaults terminally ill children while cracking jokes.

Robberson claimed that the members of this cabal throw parties at which they supply these young people with pills and alcohol and film them engaged in “multi-partner homosexual [orgies], bloodletting, and animal dismemberment.” These Satanic pedophiles, he said, then use those films to blackmail and control them for life.

“Once they’ve got the goods on you on video, they own you,” Robberson said. “And that explains—I’m not making allegations here—but that explains why a mega-talent like Robin Williams would make something like ‘Patch Adams.’ Once they own you, they’ve got you.”

A conspiracy of illegal porn and murder.

Alex Estrada, formally known as Alejandro Carbajal Estrada, believes that Robin Williams did have some dark secrets.  He alleges a conspiracy of illegal porn and murder.  His former partner, Michael Goss, was a producer of “fetish porn”.  Alex claims that Michael had piles of video evidence of coked up a-list actors, politicians and government officials performing illegal sexual acts.  Footage that would later be used for blackmailing these individuals into serving a certain agenda.

Michael Goss listed Alex Estrada as his beneficiary. One of Michael Goss’s estates that Alex was staying in was broken into but nothing was stolen.  Alex feared he was the target and they were attempting to immediately scare him from Goss’s property.  It worked.  Alex went on a hiatus to clear his head, and during this time Michael Goss died. The cause of death was reported to be cancer despite his lover, Alex, claiming that he didn’t have cancer.  He also points out obvious errors in Goss’s death certicate;

Medical Science proves how “cancer” does not DIRECTLY cause death.  Therefore, it is unacceptable for a medical doctor to report “cancer” as the immediate cause of death.  According to legal requirements of The Center for Disease Control, this entire document would be illegal.  Mr. Goss never had cancer, but if he had, the immediate cause of death would have most likely been “renal failure” with “cancer” reported as a secondary cause of death; not cancer itself.  Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma simplified, is a tumour located in one of the kidneys.  Dr. Goodman failed to specify which kidney had the tumour. Since human beings are capable of living with only one kidney, the tumour would have had to have been on both sides.  Needless to say, an autopsy should have been performed.

Although being the legal beneficiary of Michael Goss he was forcefully removed from his estate and was kicked out on the street.

Alex says he sought both legal and mental counselling after this ordeal but was told “Go talk to a priest” by both faculties.

Alex has since released several books about corruption in Hollywood.  Some of which make some crazy allegations against some very powerful people.  In his book titled ‘Alejandro’ he speculates that Williams used Cecy Groom, who then was a certified public accountant and a controller in the private sector, as a liaison for child trafficking.  In addition, Alex claims that Williams would use many different aliases to make it impossible to track him; once of which was Michael Sherman M.D,.  This recording was taken from Alex’s phone, it is supposed to be Williams under his Michael Sherman alias.

Alex says that he submitted evidence to the Marin County Police Department to prove that Michael Sherman M.D., was in, in fact, Robin Williams.  According to Alex, photographic, audible and written evidence was submitted to the police department.

In his book, Alex describes meeting Michael Sherman. He says that both Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set and Robin Williams would use the same alias.  He then shows a photograph of what appears to be Cecy Groom with young Zelda Williams — but none of this has been confirmed

The book is certainly an interesting read albeit a bit on the insane side, so I tend to take  Alex’s allegations with a massive portion of salt. A link to the book can be found on my website Fully Sourced.

As insane as Alex’s claims sound, quiche, a member of the Voat messaging board did find a concrete connection between Satanist Michael Aquino and Robin Williams. The connection is made through Williams’ third and last wife, Susan Schneider.   In an old National Enquirer interview, Susan Schneider says she was a part of “new age” cult based in Novato, Marin County.  Two of the most popular cults there are founded by William Butch; the brother-in-law of Michael Aquino, the founder of the Satanic Temple of Set.

Home to the Satanists.

Marin County seems to be run by pedophiles.  According to its residents, Marin County and all of its faculties are deeply corrupt. A simple Google search of Marin County corruption will yield thousands of shocking results. These are just a few of the many cases of corruption in Marin County, California. These are just a few of the many cases of corruption in Marin County, California.

“I think EVERYONE is grappling with the whys of what the court in this county is doing. Why are children being taken from good parents and given to abusive parents–thereby creating a new generation of victims/abusers? Money? Favoritism? Corruption? Social engineering? Bribes? Federal monetary incentives? All of the above? The number one question EVERYONE asks when they hear about family court problems is–WHY ARE THE COURTS DOING THIS at the obvious expense of the children?”

Sounds a lot like what is going on in Santa Clara, California.  As I proved in my documentary about the corruption of Child Protective Services, children are being stolen from loving and caring parents and placed in homes of known peodphiles, who in turn, were protected by their government.

In Marin County, many supreme judges, lawyers, school teachers and law enforcers belong to Butch’s satanic cult. Different sects of Temple of Set pretty much run that county, and a handful of officials have been arrested on child porn charges. The County coroner went on a trial for the sexual abuse of  a child under the age of 14 and family lawyer and county police officer were arrested for possession of child porn. Most of these cases were either settled out of court or dismissed by other corrupt judges.

Perhaps this adds an element of truth to Alex’s case; after all, Robin Williams was found dead in Paradise Cay in Marin City and both Michael Aquino and Robin Williams lived in Marin County during 2009. Oh, and Williams was married to a woman who was in a Satanic cult.

There’s one final thing I want to point out and that is that Robin Williams climb to fame was not at all pretty.  His first appearance was in a very vulgar film, ‘Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses?‘ He then became very close friends with Richard Pryor.

Richard Pryor suffered from a crippling cocaine and sex addiction as the result of being sexually abused as a child. Pryor’s sexuality was grim; it was confirmed that Richard Pryor slept with accused child rapist, Marlon Brando. Richard Pryor also later admitted to liking ‘very young girls’.  As a matter of fact, Jennifer Lee, Pryor’s ex-wife claimed that he would have sex with anything… anything at all.

It was the ’70s! The drugs were still good. If you did enough cocaine, you’d fuck a radiator and send it flowers in the morning.

Feldman’s abuser?

But I digress.  It wasn’t until Robin Williams scored his own show, Mork and Mindy, before he skyrocketed to fame.  The casting director of Mork and Mindy, Bobby Hoffman, and his son, Alphy Hoffman, have been called out by Corey Feldman as some of his abusers.

In an interview with Dr.  Oz, Feldman said that getting invited to one of ‘Bobby Hoffman’s private partis’ was a ‘very big thing’.  And it was at one of these parties that Corey Feldman was first abused.

‘There was a bunch of these guys, they were all hanging out together at these parties, and the thing is, there weren’t a lot of parents at these parties.’
Bobby Hoffman did cast Corey Feldman in an episode of Mork and Mindy.  During this time Robin Williams was addicted to coke and attending Hollywood parties.  Bobby Hoffman’s parties were apparently pretty big in Hollywood and there is a good chance that Corey Feldman and Robin Williams would have met at one of these parties.
Didn’t Corey Feldman say they were drugged and passed around like toys at these parties for these perverts enjoyment? Didn’t he also say that one of his abusers was a recently deceased a-list actor? And last but not least, didn’t Feldman claim there is video evidence of abuse?
Fully Sourced
Corey Feldman & Robin Williams

Could it be possible that Robin Williams took his own life knowing that his sexual sins might soon be exposed, perhaps by Corey Feldman?  Could it be possible that Williams took his own life because of the shame and disgust that he claims he couldn’t escape?  Could it be possible that there is damning footage out there that would have ruined Robin Williams and that he was blackmailed? Could it be that Williams died accidentally during autoerotic asphyxiation and it was made to look like a suicide to salvage his name?  Or could it simply be that Robin Williams took his own life because he was struggling to cope with dementia and Alzheimer?

We will never truly know, but the death of funny man Robin Williams does raise a lot of questions, and unfortunately there are more questions than answers. And although we cannot conclude that Robin Williams was involved in any illegal sex acts, we know he loved children.  He dedicated a lot of his life as an actor entertaining children and bringing joy into their lives — but still, knowing Williams’ coke addiction and rather dark sense of humour, the fact that he transitioned into children’s entertainment does seem rather odd.
Whatever the truth maybe, you aint never had a friend like Robin Williams.


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  • Sorry to burst ur bubble, but Robin faked his death, just like Jacko did. Perhaps one of the reasons was to evade justice, not that they feared it that much, did they? Robin is/was bi, btw….

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