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The American people divided and in civil unrest. Russia boasting their impressive nuclear weapons.  Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un putting North Korea on red alert. Is Q Anon, a deep-state insider and whistle-blower, warning us that the government is preparing for the imminent, third and final,  apocalyptic nuclear war?

The Rothschild family are usually always at the centre of some conspiracy theory and for a good reason. In similar fashion to the mafia,  they also operate outside of the laws of any country.  How? For instance the Rothschild family control the printing of the U.S. dollar through their privately own bank called the Federal Reserve; a very misleading title for a privately owned bank.  To clarify, they loan every cent, every dollar to the U.S. government at interest creating an unpayable debt. This leaves the U.S. government in a slave-like state.

This is not a conspiracy — the illuminati is real.

Ronald Ernest Paul, American author, physician and former politician, ran for presidency in the United States in 2012. His goal was to abolish the federal reserve’s choke hold on America. Ron Paul’s campaign was considered anti-American and anarchistic.  People got arrested and detained for simply holding up “RON PAUL 2012” signs. Because of this, no other candidate has dared to take on the Federal Reserve despite it being unconstitutional.

As a result, other questions start to make sense and this post seems less like a coincidence.  There is historical evidence that proves that the Rothschild family are behind most revolutions and wars. What’s next?  The third world war? Knowing who and what to look out for and is key and, as it were, if Q  is an  insider who is about to expose the deep-state, it would only make sense that Albert Pike’s third world war is due to start.  Nothing keeps us distracted and powerless like a massive global war.

Granted, when thoroughly researched it can be concluded that this isn’t some political propaganda, rather actual evidence of the corruption at work in this world.

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