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Charlie Sheen and Heather Locklear appear to be the recent suspects in a gruesome blind that appeared on Crazy Days & Nights recounting a terrible tale of a mother who molested her daughter with the help of her former a-list actor friend.  Heather’s daughter, Ava Elizabeth, has yet to comment.

Today’s Blind Items – She Wants To Talk

Locklear's daughter, Ava @ Fully SourcedWith everything that is going on right now, this former A list mostly television actress (MD) who all of you know, wanted to talk about something that has been bothering her for almost two decades. When she confronted this former A+ list mostly television actor (ML) about it, he threatened not only her life, but also with financial ruin from his legal team. He also said that even if she managed to let people know, that he could take her down with him.

Here is what happened. Back in the day MD and ML were co-stars. They were both cheating on their significant others. ML and MD shared a love of talking about age inappropriate sex and roleplayed it and even watched child porn together. They did this for years. Then, they started talking about it for real. The next thing you know, they were having sex with an offspring of MD when the offspring was probably in kindergarten or just before. This went on for about six months to a year before the show ended and the two co-stars drifted apart.

Now, the person ML was with at the time in a relationship would help him with his fantasies but drew the line at finding someone real and had no idea that ML had been sexually molesting and abusing a young child.

Fast forward a bit more and ML and MD end up together again in a drug induced haze and they take turns abusing MD’s offspring again. This time the offspring decides to tell someone and tells her dad.

The dad does not go public but does split with MD and takes the offspring with him. He also shares the info with the significant other of ML who also walks away from the relationship she had with ML.

Fast forward a few more years. ML and MD no longer get together because ML has found another woman in his life who shares the same fantasies and is also willing to do it in real life too. She offers up her offspring. A boy this time. When the boy tries to fight them, ML and the woman force him to take some drugs to make him more compliant. They screw him up to the point with drugs, where he will probably be messed up his entire life.

As for MD’s offspring? She is a mess. Years and years of therapy and being forced into silence by everyone close to her. She has been in and out of rehab and has tried to kill herself. She is being used by men two and three times her age. So, MD may be talking now, but she never spoke before, and she is as guilty as ML.

Charlie Sheen’s Disgusting Past

Charlie Sheen’s and Heather Locklear’s on and off-screen romance started in 1997 on the set for the movie “Money Talks”.  Since then both actors have fallen far from grace and have been admitted multiple times to rehab.  In recent years Charlie Sheen has been the centre of controversy with domestic violence, drug, and prostitution charges.  Charlie Sheen’s name has also been mentioned several times in relation to human trafficking and has been accused to be one of Corey Haim’s abusers.

Sheen, Locklear @ Fully Sourced

Charlie Sheen has tried to distance himself from his bad image by changing his name to Carlos Estevez, but no matter how hard he tries, he will never be able to escape his vulgar past.


Crazy Days & Nights

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