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R Kelly

legendary anonymous entertainment lawyer from Crazy Days and Nights points to R Kelly being a teenage sex pimp with cages and all.

Blind Item #8

Want to have sex with a female teen who is barely a teen? Want her to be experienced? Want to make sure you are not arrested? Is it no wonder this former A list singer stays in demand and is not blacklisted for his past? It is because he provides a service to other singers/rappers/celebrities and politicians. They come to wherever he is living and get to spend an hour or a night with one of the string of teens he has groomed. He still sings and still gets really good songs because of this side gig. He also knows he won’t get arrested because of the people taking advantage of his services and also he knows that if he sticks to teens of color, the police and parents tend to turn the other way. Currently he only has six teens, but he is looking to expand, but needs a bigger place and also needs to remain in the same city because it is where his customers have the most influence. Yes, that was the CEO of a top 50 company out with one of the singer’s groomed teens. Why yes, that was this old, permanent A list mostly movie actor out with one of them too.

Blind Item #2

There were bolts still in the wall and camera outlets above them when the owner of this rental house took possession. He called police because he said it looked like the remnants of cages inside the house big enough to hold humans. It would be interesting to hear what this former A+ list singer turned child molester has to say about it.

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