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A combination of a Blind Item, Tweets and comments by well known anonymous blogger points to Sean Astin being a serial rapist.

Today’s Blind Items – Awww Shucks Rapist

If I asked you your first thoughts about this A- list mostly movie actor all of you know, you would say he is a great guy and happily married forever by any standards and not just Hollywood. You would love his movies and recognize he has been in some of the biggest movies of all time and in some of your favorite movies.

Now, what if I told you, he was a serial rapist who used his power to force himself on women. Not just one woman, but many women. What if I told you, his long time good friend who is supposedly a leader of the #TimesUp movement not only knows about the women but is someone who would introduce women to the actor specifically because they wanted to meet our rapist. The good friend often times had sex with the women as a condition to him introducing them to the actor. He looked for women who were open to being submissive. Our A- list actor is aggressive and preferred if the encounter was consensual but is not going to let a no stand in his way. That aww shucks image he feels is always going to be his best defense. He thinks the women he hooks up with on the side are trash and treats them that way. He says they are disposable.

So, next time you watch one of his movies or think what a great guy he is because he seems like the happy family man, think about what I have written here.


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